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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ghost in the Garage?

Not an apparition, just ghostly lights
Okay, I wasn't going to say anything about this--I mean to say, it doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with gardening-- but it's just too weird to ignore. I do believe I'm being haunted.... by a ghost and not just any ordinary ghost!

No, I'm not kidding.

Now, before I say any more, if any of you have been reading my epic novel-in-progress Violet's in Bloom, you'll know I have a couple of ghostly characters in prominent roles. Of course, that's fiction. But what happens when fiction suddenly becomes not-so-fiction?

And what would you say if the ghost in question wasn't human? My fictional ghosts are very human...fictional, yes, but very human---they speak and everything! I can't say that's the case with this ghost in the garage.

Okay, this is the thing.  I was watching TV by my lonesome--Tommy was away in New York City on a relatively big leak test job and wasn't due back home until the next day--and Justin was up in his room doing Justin-ish things. I was closing up doors, locking up for the night when I noticed an odd sound coming from the garage/basement/workshop. It was a whiny, meowing cat.

Now, Calisto--my only remaining cat-- was napping as she always does beside Tom's favorite spot on the couch, so she wasn't the one making the noise. She didn't seem to hear it, so I just assumed it was a stray cat who happened to wander by and went off on its way. That's when I noticed the garage door was opened and my car was still out on the driveway. Brandon is usually the one to bring it in for me at the end of the day, but he left early to go to the UPS place before they closed and stayed up in Scranton to visit a friend.
"Don't know what you're talking about. I'm the only cat here!"

So, I went outside, brought my car in and closed the garage door. Nothing unusual, right? Except, I heard the cat again.


I looked around, turning on lights as I went and the pathetic meowing drifted off. Was it inside at all? Perhaps I heard it from outside?

I called out, "Here, kitty-kitty."

Nothing. So, I'm hallucinating--can you hallucinate sounds?-- whatever.

So, I turn off lights and go upstairs. Then I hear it again.


Ouch! if that fell on you
"What the heck is going on?" I say, turning lights back on and checking around. Could it be stuck somewhere? Sure, I suppose, if one of Brandon's 50 lb pumps managed to fall on, I take that back. No cat would be meowing if that happened.

Could it be hiding? Again, sure, but why would it if I'm calling out for it to come out? And why would it go silent once I go looking for it?

I found this all very odd indeed. So, I give up and go to bed.

As I'm falling asleep I hear Calisto downstairs galumphing around like usual. She has a bad paw so she isn't a very stealth-like kitty. I always hear her at night and I figure all is fine and I sleep soundly.

 In the morning, while Justin has breakfast and we're getting ready to go, I hear the cat again. Justin hears it, too. Proof I'm not hallucinating--if you can hallucinate sounds, of course.

He says, "Uh-uh, cat."

Now I'm getting a bit freaked. Some strange stray cat spent the night in the garage and I can't even find it? I leave the garage door open while we are gone--about an hour hoping this silly creature will find its way out by the time I come back.

When I do get home, I call out, "Here, kitty-kitty. Are you here anymore?"

Nothing.  Good. I close the garage door again and go upstairs to write a chapter and waste time see my friends on Facebook. Few minutes later I hear the blasted cat again!


 Now, I don't know what the heck's going on, but I go back downstairs, turning on lights and peaking here and there, looking for this invisible cat.

No sound and no cat in sight. I think to myself, what if it was hurt and crawled in to die? But why would it pick our garage? Yes, we often have a frog, mole, field mice, snake and occasional ermine, but I know for a fact--Zebrina taught me this-- that cats are quiet as death when they are on the hunt. So what's with the pathetic meowing?

Zebrina could guard pumpkins as well as kill moles
No, nothing made sense.

When Brandon came to start work, I told him there might be a cat somewhere in his workshop and he should try to find it and make it go home.

"Why is there a cat in my work shop?" he asked, looking at me as if I had sprouted tentacles from my dizzy head.

"You'll have to ask the cat when you find it!" I retorted. "I just heard it before you got here and I can't find it."

Several minutes later he came upstairs and told me there is no cat.

"Okay, so was it a ghost kitty?" I said.

 Brandon just laughed, but now I'm starting to wonder if Zebrina--the greatest mouser ever!-- came back to keep the mice at bay. Heck, she was great at it in life, so why not a ghost kitty in the garage?


  1. Look in the car trunk (I've seen this happen) If you are hearing a cat then there must be a cat!

    1. After I told Tommy the story, he went to look and he found nothing either. I know it wasn't in my little Zuki car. I would have hear it as I drove Justin to Links Program. It was in the work shop part or had been and moved away and probably slipped out when I was looking elsewhere. It's not like cats aren't sneaky!

  2. Look under the hood of the car, in the engine. Cats sometimes crawl in because it's nice and warm in there--and they do get stuck. ALSO, check in the attic of the garage, if the eaves are open, she could have got IN, but can't get back out. Just a guess? If two of you heard it, the cat's there somewhere, up on the edge of the roof or somewhere and can't get down. ":)

  3. OK, I figured it out. The ghost cat is there just to keep the other voices in your head company. You think?

  4. Dan, that's as good an explanation as any...and maybe better than most!


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