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Friday, October 5, 2012

Guess what I've been doing

Come on. You can guess what I've been doing. Here's a hint.

Nothing? Well, I'll tell you then. I've been looking for seeds... ripe and ready-to-pick ones and I found plenty and this time in my own garden. There's a surprise!

These should be familiar to you. They are the puffs from my love-in-a-puff vines. I collected the dried ones in the hope of getting some mature seeds for next year. There are still loads of green puffs so I may get tons more seeds. YAY! That means I can share them.

I also plucked a bucket full of Japanese Iris seed pods. These are fun. They just snap off the flower stalks, easy as you please. I collected them all even though I have no idea what to do with them, except perhaps scatter them in the daylily field by the pole barn just so they inter mix with the daylilies. If any of you want some I got plenty, so just ask and thy shall receive.

Speaking of daylilies, lookie here! Not too many folks will bother gathering hybridized daylily seeds but then, not many are as nutty for seeds as I am. Have no need for them, of course, because I have sooooo very many daylilies in soooooo many different colors and styles, but gosh-darn it, I never saw a seed I didn't want to plant--just to see what comes out of them! I plan on starting them indoors in April of 2013. Perhaps earlier if I get the bug...which is very likely.

I'm still waiting for this yellow trumpet vine seed pod to mature. It's going to a friend who asked for a yellow Trumpet vine. He already has an orange one for his bees and other buzzers. It's taking its sweet time maturing, let me tell ya!

Huh, this photo reminds me I still have not put away my wheel barrows. See it back there in the photo? Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow!

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  1. Now you get to sort them out, sift the debris, bag and label them up...they make great stocking stuffers for all your gardening friends:) Great post, Glory! I have a blast when harvesting my own seeds:)


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