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Friday, October 26, 2012

Improved Hanging Baskets

I've improved my hanging baskets ever so slightly--which oddly enough they are no longer hanging. They are, however, sitting around like any ordinary houseplant on the window sill. I suppose you're wondering why I'm bothering to fuss with my hanging baskets now...going into winter.

Pretty Coleus

Really? You have to ask? I thought you knew me by now.

You should know--cuz I've only told you a hundred times so far-- that I can't let go of summer very easily! I go into winter kicking and screaming. Yeah, that was me the night it frosted-- Sorry I woke you so abruptly with that shrill shriek.  Frost just does that to me, even long overdue frost like we had this year.

Anyway, I planted several of my pilfered  rescued death row annuals in the planters-formerly-known-as-hanging-baskets. Hey, if Prince can get away with it so can my hanging baskets!

Some plants are doing better than others. The sweet potato vine seemed to just shrivel up and die--the leaves anyway-- but I'm keeping it there until I know for sure and certain there is no life there. I told you I don't give up that easily! When are you going to believe me?

I also added a few petunia sprigs and I watered it nicely. You know what happened a week later? Morning glories seeds which must have dropped from the vines which grew in the planter last summer germinated and are now growing along with the rescued death row annuals. Can you believe that?

In spring when I start to plant these seeds it can take a month or more for Morning Glory seeds to germinate. That's in the spring and now, when we're going into winter they just pop up within a week? Tell me they are not screwing with me! Hmm, you know what this means? I think fresh seeds germinate better than year old ones...who knew?

So, in another planter I put in some coleus--ooh, I love my coleus! You might remember this from the bunch of colorful coleus I pilferred stole snipped  took borrowed from a Orlando, Florida garden. Oddly enough, I don't remember what  did with those cuttings--they may have been planted outside and died off while I wasn't looking. Hey, I have a big garden and things get lost in the fray. Just the way it is.

 Anyway, the third--or am I up to the forth? lost track...I did-- I found a pretty-as-can-be little creeping type plant--have no idea what it's called-- growing rather nicely along with a petunia or two and another sweet potato vine who lost its leaves just like the other one. Weird little plant that sweet potato vine, but I expect much from the petunia. They've never let me down before. I'll get a few flowers, mark my words, Baby!

 So, they may not be hanging out on the porch as intended, nor are they as gorgeous and most people have during summer--it's not summer anymore, remember. It's a miracle I'm even admitting that-- but my hanging baskets are much improved in my silly, obsessed-gardener opinion.

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  1. If anything decides to grow at this time of year it's because they love the gardener. ":)


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