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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Flowers of the Season

T'is a sad time of year for me. It's the time for the last flowers of the season. Oh, dear!

Sedum Autunm Joy is a bitter sweet sight. Yes, it's pretty and so easy to grow and propagate and it stays up looking pretty through the winter frosted with ice  and when gathering snow. But gosh-darn-it, it just reminds me how very long winter is going to be.

Don't know what befell my Monkshood. It seemed rather stunted in growth this year. It's almost a Glory tall by this time of year  with tons of flowers buzzing with insect activity, and yet this year it's barely half a Glory high and the buds--what few buds there are-- are ever so slow to open. What is up with that?

I don't suppose I can rightly call these flowers anymore. There is nary a petaled one in the bunch. I really ought not complain though. These pretty Susans bloomed their little hearts out for a far longer time than I ever recalled them doing. What a cheery memory!

Lady Baltimore Hibiscus is still blooming like mad.

Lord Baltimore is as well full of blossoms. I just hope the seeds they invariably produce get a chance to mature before that nasty Jack Frost comes to town.

Love-in-a-puff is doing wonderfully. I'm debating if I should attempt to dig it up and bring it inside, just because I don't want to see it die prematurely. Look at all those pretty little puffs! They're full of seeds, you know. Problem is my injury. Do I risk hurting myself further by taking up a shovel? I don't trust anyone else to do it, so don't even bother telling me to go that route.

I'm not one to have a profusion of annuals. They're just too much trouble for me. I know what you're saying. Lazy, ain't she? And you'd be right. I just love things which pop up on their own. I'm just funny that way. Well I have more flowers to show you so...perhaps I should rename this post second to last flowers of the season?


  1. Lovely pics Glory, and I think I saw some food as well!

    1. Yes, I really ought to bring them in, but the pumpkins are not quite ripe yet.


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