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Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Last Flowers of the Season

More of the last flowers of the season...if you can stand it.

The roses--bless their tender petals-- are blooming away, as if the cooler temperatures didn't bother them at all. I'll hate to see them go.

This little pink one looks a bit deformed, but it's still cute as can be.

As many of these goldenrod plants as I pullout by the roots all season long, I'll always miss a few which pleases the bees and other buzzers just fine. So, that makes it okay, I it's a pretty filler plant for autumn indoor bouquets.

More pink roses! They were hiding under the pumpkin leaves.

One of the last white hibiscus. If you recall I tired to kill these plants...obviously didn't take, huh?

PeeGee hydrangea is getting that nice blush color now that they have been around for a while.

The last flower on my only Butterfly bush. I think it's the prettiest of them all, too.

Look at the blushing PeeGee hydrangea! So pretty!

The last Stella D'oro daylily flowers....why they aren't opened all the way is anyone's guess.

I've been yanking these soap wort out by the wheel barrow full and still I have more than anyone needs. Last ones to bloom though, so I shouldn't complain.

Pink roses stuck in the weeds. I've done enough weeding for the year, so this is staying as is.

This is kinda sorta another mystery plant. Seems like I have a lot of those, don't it? I think I know what it is--a hybrid seed of a cranesbill geranium I pilfered collected in my travels, no doubt. I do recall tossing out some seeds I neglected to label, hoping I don't quite know what I was hoping.

I guess for something as pretty as this. And now it's one of the last flowers of the season. I could've done worse.

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