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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Odd Color Change Pattern

So, this is my Pin Oak in the throes of an odd color change pattern. It has never done this before.

The color isn't what is unusual.The leaves have gone all burgundy red as is natural and usual for it to do, but if you look closely, only part of it turned color. That is strange indeed.

One whole side is almost the same green it was all summer long. How bizarre is that?

I'm wondering if it will change before a frost comes and ...well, most other trees lose their leaves after a frost but not the oak...any oak. They keep their leaves until mid to late winter. Yes, that's bizarre too.

Guess I'll just wait and see what will happen. For now I'll just marvel at this odd color change pattern.

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  1. WoW! We don't have much change in our trees here in fall in CA but that sure is interesting! You will have to post it's next change. It reminds me of a children's book titled "Fall is Not Easy," if you aren't familiar with it you will have to look it up at the library or book store.


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