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Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescuing Death Row Annuals

I will assume you recall my pilfering rescuing of a bunch of death row annuals.
Purple and white double petunia

I will also assume you know of my plan to use them in my hanging baskets. Well, even if you didn't know nothing about any of that, you've been caught up in this short but concise summoning-up*.

Pink one too

As you can see, these annuals were still in bloom in a few cases. A pretty pink double petunia, another purple one, some sweet potato vines, coleus, begonias, fake geraniums--we've already discussed the difference between the fake and real geranium, but you may go back and refresh your memory if you wish-- and something silvery-sage green which reminded me of eucalyptus sans the memorable scent were all mercifully saved.

Yes, they look a bit bedraggled here when they were first brought home--You would too if you were abandoned to the elements!-- but after a thorough soaking in warm water and quickly planted in soil they are mostly all doing rather well.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you precisely how well my rescued death row annuals are doing. I would show you now but I didn't get the photos off the camera card yet.

*Summoning up is a private joke between Tommy and me which I may one day tell you if you are good little boys and girls. I think my secret is therefore eternally safe.


  1. Great stuff Glory, but you need a ninja outfit to properly do your seed and plant aquisition. :0)

    1. A ninja outfit, eh? I like that idea...will it work in broad daylight though?


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