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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seeds of Autumn

As you may know, I've been collecting the seeds of autumn.

T'is a fun time for me, even if I do know the winter winds are just around the corner...or rather coming up the ridge behind the pole-barn before battering into my garden.

So, what are these particular seeds, you may be asking? Japanese Iris. Each little pod--okay maybe not so little-- has about 20-30 seeds.

And each of those seeds has the potential to become a rather nice perennial plant. That's a heck of a lot of plants if all those seeds germinate--gees, even if half of them do! As they tend to germinate all over the place it is infinitely wise of me to collect them so they don't spring up everywhere. Their root system is easy enough to pull out of walkways and herb gardens--yes, I made the mistake of planting them along the herb garden....or was the mistake to make the herb garden near these...hmmm....which came first? The herb garden or the Japanese Iris bed. I don't rightly recall...but I digress.

So now I always battle to keep those darling little Iris plants out of the herb garden. Until, that is, I discovered I could just pluck the seeds off the plants. Duh! I can be taught...sometimes.

Now these seeds...which oddly enough look like something out of a Dr Seuss book--truffula trees to be exact-- were just hanging out on the clematis vine, so I plucked them too. I have yet to get one solitary clematis seed to germinate. Can you believe that? No, neither can I!

Wait, that's not exactly true. I went visiting a garden center near Milford, PA long time ago when the kids were still little and...really, I probably don't even have to tell you the rest, but I will anyway. I found these lovely, puffy, weird-looking seeds from a plant I was then unfamiliar with and I just had to have them. Yes, that was actually the first time I remember pilferring!

Those seeds did indeed germinate and I got a pretty little clematis by the name of...oh what was it? Tangutica. It is not your most flamboyant of clematis, but what the hey! I got it from seed, so I was a happy camper indeed!
Clematis Tangutica "Radar Love" Ooh, baby!

Well, sad to say it, but this Clematis Tangutica "Radar Love" didn't live long. All other clematis vines--from what I can tell-- are long lived, so I don't quite know what befell it. Ever since then I've tried and tried and tried again to germinate clematis seeds to no avail. I think I need some tips and tricks for these particular seeds of autumn. Any thoughts?

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