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Monday, October 8, 2012

What a change!

 As you can see, the sky was blue as can be here one day last week, but little did we know that would change and what a change!

There we were, Justin and I, going down the road heading to Scranton for Justin's dentist appointment.

It was slightly cool as is expected in late September in the Poconos, but it was a lovely day. The half hour ride there was uneventful.

Justin was happy at the dentist. I got to read for twenty minutes while he was getting his teeth checked and then it was time to go back home. Yes, he had the beginning of a cavity, but still he was happy.

Then we started home and...where did the blue sky go?

Where did those massive clouds come from? That was only one and a half hours times between super pretty, blue sky and ominous cloud-cover. What a change, huh?


  1. Autumn certainly is mercurial - the colors seem very late tho, don't they?

  2. Glory, maybe it had something to do with that 'Glorys garden' swooping in, spraying chem-trails in the top pic. (first pic) Just sayin' hehe...


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