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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Costumes Past

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean I can't show off some of the many costumes  from the past, those I made over the years for my kids.
Here Alexis has an owl costume--you can't tell by the picture but her arms had wings and she took off her owl mask, but use your imagination, why don't you.

Also you'll see Justin in the Bunny costume I made for Alexis when she was just over a year old. Each of the kids got to use it so I really liked that it never went to waste...think I even passed it on to some other kid, although I don't recall who it was.

This year we went with store bought super girl and bat boy costumes which doubled as their favorite pajamas after Halloween.
Brandon's favorite Tigger

Brandon absolutely loved Tigger and so when I made this for him he was thrilled. He liked it so much he used it as sleep wear, too.

Here Alexis was a flower and Brandon was the Bunny

Justin as Bunny, Brandon as Tigger...again! and Alexis as a kitty. Me? I was a harried expectant mommy.

Here Tyler was the Tigger. Took some doing to convince Brandon he couldn't keep it forever! Justin was a dalmation dog, probably Roly-- "I'm hungry, Mama. Really I am." I made a Robin--as in Batman and Robin-- costume for Brandon and Alexis was Poison Ivy. It was really a nice costume I made with pretty fabric leaves sewn on, but of course, she's hiding behind the boys so you can't see it properly.

This year only Justin and I dressed up to go to a Halloween Party. I'll show you those pictures tomorrow. For now, I just like remembering Halloween costumes past. Those were fun times!

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