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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Off to work with Tommy

So, Tommy had the brilliant idea to take me along with him to work. Okay, so it wasn't so brilliant.

He thought it was to be an easy leak test job at the Coca Cola plant a bit outside of the Orlando, Florida area and since he likes taking me out of the cold and into the warm, he thought it better he do it than not. So, off I went with him for just a few days.
Rest stops are not just for a bathroom break

 Well, let's just say the best laid plans of Tommy--while much preferred than a mouse's plan, generally speaking-- this time it didn't work so well. His easy job turned into a nightmare of sorts. He had hoped for a half day on each of the two days allotted and that we'd have the rest of the time to do our thing.
Nice to see flowers again since mine are all sleeping now.

Didn't happen that way. I was pretty much stuck in the hotel room waiting for him, but as I always bring my laptop with me, it was really almost the same as being at home. I finished a couple of chapters and what could be better than that?

Oh, yeah, Tommy could think of several things actually...

On the last day though, when Tommy had given up finding the leak in their under ground pipeline--who knew sand would be a hindrance?-- and he decided to loan them his hydrogen leak detector in the hope they could eventually do it once they got approval to tear up more floor space. We lingered in and around Orlando instead even though we should have headed straight home.
A live scare crow? Thought we weren't in Kansas anymore!

Tommy, however, was not to be thwarted in his plan of having some down time in nice, sunny, warm Florida, so we went to one of our favorite gardens. Didn't you kind of know we would? Well, you should have. What did we see there? I'll show you in another post.
Nova Era performs at Downtown Disney

Before leaving Florida Tom insisted on stopping by Downtown Disney where you'll never know what you'll see--from dancing fools, LEGO dragons, Christmas decorations (yes, already) and even performing classical trios. Needless to say it was fun. It was also nice to go off to work with Tommy.

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