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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A present for mom

On the way down to Florida, Tommy stopped in Columbia, South Carolina to visit his mom and bring her a present....two actually.

He brought her two TVs...huge ones! Her eyesight not being all it used to be, she needed something better than her tiny 19 inch TV. These were two of the free TVs Tom got from his downsizing friend in New Hampshire who simply didn't need the TVs anymore. Well, Tommy knew someone who did and he brought them to her. She was thrilled!

The biggest one--a whopping 57 inches, or something absurd like that, now sits comfortably in the living room of her small ranch home and the smaller yet still big one went in her bedroom.

Cindy (Tom's sister who also lives in South Carolina just down the road a bit) said, "Look at that, Mom. Now you can tell the difference between Brett Baier and Gretta Van Susteren."

To which Mary--Tom's mother--replied in a snippy sort of voice, "I always could! My hearing is perfect! I just can see them better now."

Tom's mother is glued to news shows day and night. Guess she likes the torture.

We couldn't stay long--we simply had to be in Orlando that night so Tommy could get to work in the morning--but when you're bearing gifts, you don't matter so much as the much desired presents!

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