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Monday, December 31, 2012

A Day at Tarpon Springs

We spent our first day in Florida at Tarpon Springs. It's one of our favorite places in Florida and I'll tell you why.
Justin can gets boots with his name on them...of course, he's content to just get his picture taken with the sign, because as he says, "Got boots in Pennsylvania...flip flops for Florida." Good enough reason for me!

A port town, you can get yummy seafood and see nice fishing boats...even out of the water!

You can get awfully close to big monsters from the sea and pretend they are eating you alive...Justin didn't think it was nearly as funny as Tommy did.

Alexis gets happy with enough shops to visit...and there are loads of shops to visit, from wine shops to sun-activated t-shirts shops to jewelry shops to handmade soap shop to natural sea sponge shops to...gees, just about anything.

Sea turtles on sticks? Yep, you'll find that here, too.

Justin likes the spitting dolphin and wanted a photo here while a nice man played guitar in the open courtyard.

Justin wanted to eat while Alexis and Tom went into the wine and beer tasting shop, so he wasn't too happy to have to wait.

Alexis bought stuff and that makes her happy...what a typical girl, huh?

After filling our bellies with yummy gyro, sluvaki, Greek salads and baklava--ooh, that fabulous baklava!-- we stopped to see the lovely sunset.

It was a lovely stop over at Tarpon Springs and that was before we even got to the resort at Punta Gorda!


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