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Monday, December 24, 2012

All I want for Christmas is...

All I want for Christmas do you think I'll finish that sentence? Here's a clue: You can find it at Epcot.
Sunflowers for Alex

Here's another clue: You can grow things in it...even in the dead of winter.

Amaranth growing along side barley and melons

A place you can grow tropicals and exotics right next to regular vegetables you find in your average, ordinary garden.
Giant pumpkins, odd looking gourds and even sugar cane

You can have a custom controlled environment for all your plants to grow oh so happily.
Super hot peppers and grapefruit trees

And with nary a nasty bug to bother you or ruin your fruits and veggies.
Look at that fruit!

Oh and those fruits will be so big and juicy and lovely and wonderful and available year round.
Eggplants doused with fishy water grow oh-so-nice

Did I mention everything would grow efficiently with nary a drop of water wasted? Well, then I'll say it!

So, what is it that I want for Christmas? Come on, take a guess.


  1. Oh, Glory,,,thanks for the bright spot in the middle of our winter. Beautiful, hon! I can't wait for gardening and GREEN again.

  2. And winter's only just begun...sigh~


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