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Friday, December 21, 2012

Can never have enough flowers

You know I can never have enough flowers and are more for you on this cold winter least it's cold up north.

Who doesn't love pansies and petunias?

This powder puff tree seems to bloom perpetually.

The Lorax would call this a Truffula do I--his faithful apprentice.

This looked like a bougainvillea from far away, but up close I'm not so sure. It is growing as a woody vine. If anyone knows for certain, do tell.

I found this rather a cross between an orchid and a pansy with a  bit of columbine tossed in.

Now I'm betting some of you are thinking this is holly because it is around the Christmas season, but you would be wrong. Take a guess what it is before I tell you.

I think this is so pretty and unexpected.

It looked a bit like the flower of an okra plant which is in the hibiscus family, but it was much larger than I recall seeing them in the past. Pretty.

My Tommy always wants his back scratched and just like your typical grizzly, he loves to use a tree when a long nailed girl isn't available--due to taking too many pictures no doubt! Well he finally found a great scratching post.

Bit too sharp for my liking though...he'd be bloody and his shirt torn to shreds!

And the camellias, but I think you've seen enough of those. I, on the other hand, can never have enough flowers!

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  1. Wow, great photos. I need a scratching tree like Tommy has..*sigh ":)


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