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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I did a bad thing

I did a bad thing. Wanna hear about it? Sure you do.
Not so massive and not that ugly pump
 I went with Tommy to Virginia last Sunday. He had a few stops, dropping off a massive, ugly looking pump and picking up a leak detector. Plus there was the possibility of buying more equipment from a going-to-be-out-of-business-soon place.
Perfectly good Leak detector
No, that wasn't the bad thing I did. It was good to spend some time with Tommy even though it was mostly in the car for a very long ride to and from Virginia-- 600 miles is long to me, how about you? The weather wasn't nearly as good as Tom had hoped so he considered the trip a bit of a bust and he felt bad taking me when it wasn't that great out.

Christmas music and fancy lighted fountains

Knowing Tommy, however, he didn't let that stop him from making up for it with a surprise stop at Longwood Gardens. He had not planned on it--At least I don't think so. It was a detour of about 2 hours which he really couldn't afford to do because he needed to get home and prepare for the next few very busy days. He was going to Massachusetts on Monday, Long Island on Tuesday and back to Virginia on Wednesday...(Update: Virginia cancelled on him, but instead he went to Philly and Allentown on Thursday.) OY!

Going to Longwood, That was the bad thing I did...kind of. Ordinarily it wouldn't be bad except that I felt badly that I didn't take my pal Julie along with us as I told her I would some day--you know Julie Helms, she's the shepherdess from Wooly Acres.
One of a hundred or two decorated Christmas trees

I had told Julie ages ago I wanted to treat her--and her hunny Dave, too, but she told me he would consider it torture, Dave-- to a fun day at the Garden, but there never was a good time. It's not like Longwood Gardens is two minutes away for either of us and it didn't help that she was ill this particular day. So, I felt guilty the whole while we were there. Oh bother!
For Tommy working too much is torture

If we can manage it, we'll try to kidnap Julie later this month and bring her before the Christmas displays are taken down.
Each tree prettier than the last
I'm sure she would like it. You would, too.

They are quite spectacular. They do Christmas right at Longwood.

All these photos were taken inside the conservatory--4 acres under glass. Yes! 4 acres and all of it decorated to remind you it's Christmas time. There were many flowers blooming, but I showed you those yesterday on Nearly Wordless Wednesday.

They even have stars indoors!

It was a nice couple of hours and made the whole day a bit brighter. If you can, try to get to Longwood some time in future. Make sure you call ahead of time during Christmas. They require timed tickets because of how popular this event is, from Thanksgiving to New Years. It was great that we had our yearly membership passes or we might not have been able to get in so easily.

It was rather crowded but worth it. So, I did a bad thing, but I'll try to fix it. I will bring Julie to Longwood one day!


  1. Beautiful photos, and it's wonderful that Julie the Shepherdess will get to see the real stuff, we are envious! Sometimes a trip has other benefits, even if it's a bust.Six hundred miles is a pretty good drive!

  2. Love the photos! Especially the indoor stars. It is good to get out just to enjoy once in a while. Not a bad thing at all.

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