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Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas from Sarasota, Florida

Merry Christmas from Sarasota, Florida! Tom and I spent a lovely Christmas Eve at the Marie Selby Botanical Garden and I thought I'd share some Christmas-y photos... even though it is actually past Christmas time.

Notice if you will the reindeer pen on the left.

This 30-some foot tall Christmas tree was completely done with bromilades of different types and colors, all in individual pots and held together in an elaborate frame. AWESOME stuff!

Several area decorators offered their services to decorate the houses on the Marie Selby grounds.

The house is lovely at any time what with the unusual artwork often displayed here, but now with the fancy Christmas decorations, it's stunning!

 There's my Tommy hiding behind the tree in the foyer, the silly boy!

We had never gone to Sarasota for Christmas, but we certainly were glad to do it this year. We had a great time. So, I'll say it again even if it's over and done...Merry Christmas from Sarasota, Florida!


  1. Cool Christmas pics even if they are snow-free. Thanks for sharing, Glory, I can see there's nothing to shovel there! ":)


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