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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Argument against fall clean up

 I know there are plenty of people who insist a thorough fall clean up of the garden to be essential, but I'm here with an argument against that practice.

I came back from Florida to find snow on the ground. It didn't, however, cover all the plants I left up this past autumn. This was a good thing. Tons of birds were pecking away at the spent Black-Eyed Susan seed heads. There were seeds all over the snow, so I could tell they had been at it for a while.

I have tons of Susans as you should know. All those photos I simply couldn't NOT post last summer is testament to that. So it stands to reason that I would have tons of seed heads. No, I don't dead head these, and winter time is the reason why I don't.
Faint rabbit tracks; they were here eating seeds, too

I should say winter and birds. They come to my garden, these pretty little birds, because I provide them with a steady supply of food....

...and water. Although here the water is a solid block of ice. I poured boiling water on this bird bath to melt it, but I think the ice just cooled the water before the boiling water could melt the ice. Oh, bother!
A little extra thank you for insect control

Yes, I supplement their food with bird seed, but they come for the berries off my trees and shrubs, too, and the seeds from the weeds--which always poke out even though I try to rid the garden of them-- and my self seeding perennials and annuals.

The birds get the insects I dislike in summer and they eat the seeds and berries all other times. It's a good trade off for me. That is why I don't clean up the garden in the autumn...that and it's too cold in autumn and  I'm too lazy.


  1. Perfect logic. We do the same thing. Weed seeds are for the birds, no doubt about it. I could not agree more. Nice weed pics too. We plant sunflowers and leave them in the fall specifically for the birds too. Kudos to you!

  2. I always clean and turn the garden over, but of course mine is veggies and not flowers. This is the first year I did not do it.

  3. I'm so depressed at the end of the growing season, I can't bear to put the garden to bed for winter. It's much more enjoyable for me to go out like gangbusters and clean it up. Makes me feel like Mary Lennox of the Secret Garden.

  4. I cleaned mine up this past fall - first time ever, but only because my yard is getting overgrown. So I hired someone to come and trim & clean up everything. But it was also because my hollyhocks got rust this year, so they were an awful mess. We keep 2 bird feeders full of food also, and there is always a frenzy of activity when we fill them up!


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