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Friday, January 4, 2013

Edison-Ford Winter Estates

Have you ever been to the Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Fort Meyers, Florida? Well, why the heck not??? Really it's quite a treat. It's part museum and part--the bigger part for me anyway-- botanical garden.

We've been here many times. It's free for us with our reciprocal garden membership so we go every chance we get...Otherwise the admission is ~$22 each. Yowsa!

Mrs. Edison's Moonlight garden

Thomas Edison was THE MAN of the decade back in the day and had more money than...well, take your pick of rich people you know and that was close. His protege, Henry Ford, liked Edison's winter home so much that he decided to get the house right next door for his own. He used it for two weeks out of the year. Can you imagine buying a house to use for only two weeks out of the year? Incredible!

The Edison's bedroom

It was this oddball pairing of friendships and homes that made one lovely tourist stop and which both put Fort Meyers on the map and gave it its nickname of the city of palms.
Royal palms

Edison loved palms and was responsible for the planting of all the palms down the main road in town. He and his wife searched the world for all sorts of plants to use in his experiments. He brought many back to this Florida home where they served to feed them as well. Yummy citrus and mangos being his favorites.
Love this wide veranda! The houses were only recently restored and look better than new and yet still true to the period in time in which the Edison's live here.

It was quite fortuitous that we saw this grouping of bird photos in one of the museum buildings. Why? Well, don't you know...

We went down to the river's edge and lookie here!

Now we could confidently say, "Hey, that's a egret...I think."
It was a lovely spot that Edison dude picked out, but then he was a genius and a Tom, too. That helps, I've been told. And to think...this was once the middle of nowhere! You wouldn't know it by the traffic going by here now.
Bamboo in a light bulb? Yep, Edison tried it.

I didn't yet show you anything about Ford. Well, I'll fix that. These were gifts for Edison from his Ford buddy.
I wonder who invented those headlights, huh? Okay, so I'm not really wondering.
It was nice to see the house decorated for Christmas... never had seen it this way before.

If you're ever in the Fort Meyers area, do take a tour down Royal Palm Drive to the Edison-Ford Winter Estates, museum and botanical gardens. You can't miss it!


  1. Very fascinating, and great photos, Glory! Thanks for sharing! I notice..there's no snow....must be nice!

  2. LOVELY pics, by the way, that tourist sure is a beauty! ":)


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