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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

We do things differently around here--like I just told you anything new. Anyway, I'll wish you a happy New Year by showing you more Christmas stuff we found at the Marie Selby botanical garden in Sarasota, Florida. What? You thought Christmas was over??? Shows how much you know!
Visiting with the Snowman family
I found my Mayan cousin--several eons removed, I'm thinking-- and he ain't talking--certainly not  about the Mayan calender mix-up. He did have a sneaky smirk which just makes me want to know what the joke is!

These funny koi were gulping at me begging for food. Silly of them. How many people go around with fish food in their pocket while strolling in a botanical garden? Think they'd like candy canes?

It was a pretty little water garden...rather Zen like. I could have stayed here all day reading s book. Tommy gave me 30 seconds. All the Zen we need!
Lookie here! We just found our new winter home. As if...

Hmm...not convinced this crew could pull a cardboard sled let alone one carrying a heavy elf with loads of toys. What do you think?
Well, now, Tommy's getting himself in trouble with the big guy--Santa, that is. He ought not to be sitting in Santa's throne, is my thinking.
Whaddaya mean I can't have a cookie???

All this fancy stuff and I can't steal a little cookie? That just doesn't seem right, but then Tommy told me that they were spray painted with clear paint to make them look that good and that I wouldn't like to eat them anyway. I don't think he understands how much I wanted that cookie!
Now doesn't this seem like a nifty little place to take a nap? Especially if you have a fistful of cookies!

We had never seen this tree before. It had an odd yellowish hue to the bark and the leaves were rather feathery looking. Had no clue what it was so, Tom decided to give it a name--one he made up. He called it an Australia Barampha tree. Don't ask me why. Then we found the botanical name tag at the base.

Poor Tommy....Not even close! Hee-hee-hee!  Happy New Year!


  1. "Whaddaya mean I can't have a cookie?"
    I roared when I read this line, Glory, too funny. I loved it! Beautiful pics too..., lookin' good!
    I would love to visit that place sometime! You two get to see the most fascinating places, thank you for sharing! ":)

  2. Well, I did think of you, Mr. Cookie Monster himself. :)


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