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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Laura's Wrist Warmers

 I mentioned yesterday that I knitted a pair of wrist warmers for Laura, Brandon's fiance this past weekend. I thought I'd show them to you.

They were particularly easy to make...just a simple ribbing pattern of knit2 purl 2. I did have to alter the pattern to make the thumb hole a tad bigger. Other than that, easy as pie to make. I may write up the pattern and post it one day.

I used size 11 needles and worsted weight yarn. Poor Laura wanted purple, but I didn't have enough purple yarn--what is it with everyone liking purple all of a sudden? I did have a new skein of this lovely bright blue, though, and she thought that would do nicely.

She wanted them extra long and so I made them to her specifications. I say extra long but that was actually the length the original pattern suggested.

Of course, I rarely do anything as suggested. These are mine, the first wrist warmers I made. I didn't want them long because I always wear long sleeves and simply don't need them very long.

Of course, I could have made them longer over my fingers. Live and learn and maybe redo.

Hey, I've been known to unravel all sorts of things I've crocheted or knitted if I don't like how they turned out, so don't be surprised if I unravel these and redo them to look more like Laura's wrist warmers. I'm just nutty that way!

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