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Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow ruins everything

All right, I know there are those who would argue--me included--but I'll say it anyway; snow ruins everything!
Even after plowing, a few inches of ice remain on driveway

 There we were happy to be away from the cold and work for a short while on a much needed respite/vacation to warmer climes and then we hear about the snow coming down back home.

 You might think, "Well, what do you care? You're away!" Yes, but that doesn't mean all is well back home. Again I hear you ask, "So???"

Well, Tyler stayed home, both because he CANNOT--and I do mean cannot-- tolerate the heat and to take care of things, so he didn't come to Florida with us. He stayed behind to watch the house, feed the cats--Calisto and Danger, Alexis' terror of a feline-- and be there for any business related deliveries--those never stop even when we're on vacation.

Well, our genius son--he must be genius; only a genius would be so dumb--  Tyler, whose car has been out of commission for several months now--you don't want to know why!-- had Alexis' car to get from her house to our house and watch things at both places. We gave him explicit instructions not to use the car for any other reason; in essence not to go joyriding. That kid--according to the wise and all-knowing Government you're still a kid at 26 years of age, so at 22 he qualifies-- who has already almost killed himself before while driving unnecessarily in perfectly fine weather, supposedly slipped on some black ice and smashed the back end of Alexis' car straight into a tree. What this kid has against trees is anyone's guess--he's always smashing into them. Of course, that could be because he's a reckless speed demon.

We were not at all happy. Tommy was fuming and Alexis was ticked, but she didn't imagine the damage could be too bad, unlike Tom's thinking. Right? It was pretty bad. The car might be totalled. That's when Alexis got mad and yelled at Tyler.

"It was the stupid snow and the ice! Snow ruins everything!" Tyler shouted.

Even this tropical girl doesn't believe that. Snow has its purpose even in the garden. It insulates our perennials to protect them from the chill and blistering winds. I hear you scoffing, but it's quite true. Snow acts as a blanket. That is why plants in areas where there is constant snow cover--even though temps may go down to nothing with winds so hard it rips the skin off of you-- fare better than places like the Poconos which have the mean and nasty habit of going through several thaws and freezes throughout winter heaving plants straight out of the ground and killing them outright.

No, snow doesn't ruin everything. What does ruin everything--especially peaceful time when one wants to be unstressed and relaxed-- is careless people with little regard for the force of nature and other people's property, and not enough brains to stay home when the weather dictate one should.


  1. Oh boy, sorry to hear that, this case snow helped ruin everything..and bad judgement, and considerations were the more important other 'factors'.
    Glad to hear Tyler wasn't hurt--cars can be replaced.
    We live in Northern Ontario and drive in snow and on black ice all winter--it certainly can be problematic, especially if you have no experience with it. (A)... "Little regard for the forces of nature" is a helpful key, along with using some common sense. That's the catch. *sigh

  2. Tyler is on his second life. He came out of the last accident with a broken leg and he was woefully lucky to have only suffered that. This time not a scratch. if only he would listen...


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