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Monday, January 14, 2013

Up to no good

I'd like to say I'm up to no good, but that never is the case. I try to do some good all the time. Of course, that doesn't mean I succeed.

Case in point: I meant to do a whole week's worth of Glory's garden posts-- as I often do-- on the weekend, but that never happened. I meant to read a novel  written by my Canadian pal Raymond Alexander Kukkee of Incoming Bytes and give a review, but The Fires of Waterland would have to wait.

Why? Well, I was too busy. What was I so busy with? Watching movies and knitting.

Now, don't get your bloomers in a bunch! That's my idea of multi-tasking. Knitting while doing nothing is just not a reasonable way to spend waste time. Nor is it possible for me to just sit there and watch a movie. No way! I'd go stir crazy without something in my hands--folding clothes, baking cookies, cooking, crocheting, sewing, or knitting along with watching a movie or two, but never, NEVER without something to do. I'm just funny that way.

I even feel guilty reading a book. I mean to say, that's a total indulgence. You sit and read and fall into another world and you're doing it all by yourself... selfish indeed! That may be why I often do my reading while waiting at the doctor's office or dentist or while riding in the car with Tommy or just before sleepy time...oh yes, and while on vacation. I feel you are allowed--nay! required to be lazy then.

I hadn't planned on knitting. I didn't even have that project on my mind, but my future daughter in law spotted a pair of wrist warmers I made and asked if I would make a pair for her. Well, of course I had to drop everything else for that!

I didn't think the wrist warmers would take very long to make because they are a rather small project--the length of two DVDs was pretty good time. Most projects take much longer. So, they were done on Saturday and I had Sunday for the other things. Well...that didn't work out either. Tom needed me for an entire day of invoicing and other long-overdue paperwork-- the hazards of owning and running your own business is never-ending paperwork.

I don't exactly feel I accomplished much... of what I intended to do this weekend, I mean. Tom was happy we got a lot of this stuff off his desk, many clients billed and expense reports of the past year settled away. That actually was very good. Yes, I did knit the wrist warmers for Laura which I hope she likes, but I didn't like the films I watched while doing them. That just ruins everything! What is the use of a film which makes you uncomfortable and not wish to ever see it again? Useless in my eyes!

So, I wasn't really up to no good this weekend... it just feels like it.

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