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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Does Peter Pan love Kid's books?

I'm such a little kid...I mean I'm just like Peter Pan (Patty Pan?) Anyway, what I mean is I LOVE kids' books!

 Wait...does Peter Pan love kids' books? Surely he must! Wendy used to read to him all the time-- without her knowing it, of course-- and they must have been kids' stories which she told. Don't know what it is about them, but kids' books are fantastic.

It was children's stories which were the start of my writing career, but I'll tell you about that some other time. 

I read other stuff too!
I realized I had an odd attraction to books created for little kids* when I recently found myself in an odd little discount shop. There I found a bunch of books, but the only ones which I even considered buying were obviously children's stories. These books were by Rick Riordan--never heard of him up to that point. These books sat on a discount rack--Sidebar~don't you feel sorry for books on a discount rack? Like little orphans which nobody wants to read or even leaf through, the poor dears! My soft little heart just goes out to them and I feel the need to take them home with me. End sidebar-- Well, one look at the dust cover reminded me of Harry Potter. The illustration was rather familiar looking--almost exactly like the cover of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince-- but it was the table of contents** which really had me convinced I had to have these books and that I would love them.

These made me laugh so much I started writing. Who's laughing now?
How could I tell I would like a book this way, just by reading the table of contents? Well, geeze-Louise, how could you not like a book with chapters titled "I accidentally vaporized my pre-algebra teacher", "I ruin a perfectly good bus", "We visit the garden gnome emporium" and "A God buys us cheeseburgers"?

I burst out laughing right there in the store just reading the chapter names. Yes, I got a few curious stares, but do you think I cared? Heck no! I was laughing too much to care! I read the first chapter right there in the store as Tommy shopped for bargains--yes, I laughed out loud despite all the funny looks I got as people passed me by with their shopping carts full of odds and ends.

So, I'm thinking I must be Peter Pan's long lost sister because I really do love kids' books, and you know what? I don't care who knows it!

 *Which begs the question, does that make me stunted in the head?

 **AHA! someone else who appreciates the table of contents listing chapters by name! I was told it was "unprofessional to have a table of contents for fiction" Who knew?

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