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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flowers in winter and all through winter

Who knew that I could find a plant which can and will produce flowers all winter?

I thought it was a long shot to get it to root from the tiny sprig I pilferred... I mean borrowed from last summer's cast offs.

It's one of my favorites now...this pretty, unassuming little Geranium. I'm planning on stealing, taking, rescuing more of these lovely little plants from now on. Just darling!



  1. Nice! Geraniums are great for indoors, they propagate easily with cuttings straight into peat-moss rich soil. They grow quickly, flower endlessly and the only thing you have to watch is not to over-water. I seem to over-water, causes root rot in no time, especially with older, large geraniums. If you prune them carefully you can make gnarled-looking 'bonsai' and get an endless supply of new plants from them too! ":)

    1. Starting to really like these plants. I'm hoping to expand my collection.


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