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Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Seeds!

Free seeds! Free seeds for the garden! Veggie seeds for free!
You may not get your seeds tucked into a nice gift bag, but's a good deal!

Yes, you too can have free seeds for your garden.

No-no-no! I'm not going to teach you how to steal, borrow, take or pilfer the vegetable seeds you want. This is even easier than that. You just need to run over to Uncle Mac's Garden shed and beg pretty please. How? Just make a comment and leave it to the whim of fate...or something. It's a Garden give-away free-for-all! YAY!

What's that? Why would he give away seeds? Uh...Cuz...uh...he's a nice guy?

No, that can't be it...

Uh...cuz Farm Girl is making him do it?

Very likely!

Which ever the case, these seeds will do two things for you.

#1- You'll have seeds which are organically grown and not those hybrid mutants which are nothing but trouble. From the fruit and veggies you grow you can save your own seeds from year to year so you'll never have to buy seeds ever again. Holy moly, huh?

#2. You'll have enough seeds to start your way to self sufficiency which is a very good thing.

 Why??? Really you need to ask why? Well, I'll tell ya.

There are going to be food shortages soon. The drought last year caused a grain shortage which in turn caused a beef shortage and the latest orange harvest wasn't as good as usual-- freezing weather was no doubt the cause. I'm sure you've noticed food prices going sky high, so growing your own food makes sense, doesn't it?

Then there's the best thing about free seeds. You'll be in the sunshine planting them with your fingers in soil. That is a great thing indeed!

So, really this is an awesome deal and you gotta get into it! Run don't walk! And tell Uncle Mac I sent ya!


  1. Yay for Glory and Uncle Mac (and of course Farm Girl ;) )

  2. I could not agree more, Glory! Mac is the source, of course! I would say we all need a pile of food grown species suitable for our own locations--and sooner the better. Way to go, Glory...and thanks, Mac!


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