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Thursday, February 28, 2013

From one comes many

The best thing about plants is from one comes many. That is to say, I can make many plants by selective vegetative propagation. Take this Coleus for instance...I mean, take a few clippings, not the whole thing.

Maybe just a piece or two here and there. Snip them off and set in soil or water and allow them to take root and you have a new plant. Don't believe me?

That's how I got these....

And these...all from cuttings. Not rocket science. It's botany, actually! Cool huh?

From the lack of sun this Coleus got a tad leggy and spindly looking. So, I clipped off several pieces.

Then I set them in water. I could plant them in soil and keep the soil moist, but I like watching the roots grow in the water...just a fun thing for me.

I might clip a few from this one too.

Then many coleus plants does one person need? Oddly enough, as many as I can root!


  1. Wow, Glory, your flowers are going viral! Propagation by cuttings is very cool and smart too--perpetual plants.

  2. I did lose a few, but I can always get more...snip-snip here, snip-snip there...


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