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Friday, February 22, 2013

Resistance is futile and not just for Star Trekkers

As they say in those Star Trekking shows, resistance in futile and never more so than in my case. No, I don't mean I'm turning into a koolade drinking Borg...but, you know...almost...

I tried to resist...really I did! But Uncle Mac and his garden shed buddies had other ideas.

You know how he is. He kept going on and on about planting this and growing that, preparing for spring and building raised beds and getting planting beds just right and who knows what else and...I can only take so much!

Cabin fever being what it is...a vicious illness which makes you a crazed gardener without a garden, without sun, without warm soil...AGGHHHH! You just getting nuttier! I had to do it!

So, you ask, what did I do? I gave in and...wait for it...

I planted seeds...yes, in February! The insanity of it all! What did I plant? I'll show you.

Angel trumpets...


Luffa vines...

Kitty grass...

And Albutilon, aka flowering maple...

Yes, I know they don't look like much yet, but wait a bit and there's bound to be something growing! I mean, you can only stop nature from doing its thing for so long...too long... blast this interminable winter...ugh!


  1. I think you need to tear all that out, grow some whacky weed and "chill out" till spring.

  2. Way to go, Glory, gardeners everywhere take note, we have winter whacked already, just hang around with your hands in the dirt for a while, drop in a few seeds, you'll see....stuff grows...and Mac was right ":)

  3. What? No windowsill tomatoes this year?

    1. I didn't get to grow anything last year in order to bring them in for winter. *Sigh* Hope to do better this year.


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