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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seed sharing and gardeners go together

Seed sharing and gardeners go together, as you well know. It's what we do. I suppose we all have a tiny bit of Johnny Appleseed within us. We just want our favorite seeds planted and growing all over the world. Nothing wrong with that!

I recalled this little fun fact when I went in search of a few seeds to plant indoors while I wait for the arrival of spring and look what I found.

Seeds from Raymond, author of The Fires of Waterland...

From Uncle Mac at the garden shed...

From Joan out in Utah ...

From Stacey in Indiana...

From Julie over at Wooly Acres...

and a whole bunch from my mother.

Boy, I love gardeners! They are so willing to share their gardens with anyone and everyone who asks. What could be better?


  1. I hope they all grew, too, Glory! Gardeners are the greatest aren't they? Seeds do exchange pretty handily, as we noted...I'm always interested in seeing new varieties of stuff.":)

    1. I didn't do very well last year, but I do hope for better this time around.


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