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Friday, February 8, 2013

What started me writing is Harry Potter

I was asked recently, when I posted a short story on one of my other blogs, Glory's Short Stories what started me writing.  My friend Joan asked, “How did you learn to write such good love stories? Or any stories?”
Inspiration for writing

The first thing to pop into my head was Harry Potter and his creator JK Rowling. I suppose you would think that utterly bizarre, but it is the truth; I started writing after reading those books*. As I have said before, I love children's literature; Anne of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Secret Garden and so many others. I loved reading those, but they didn't inspire me to write. The Harry Potter series did. That is to say, JK Rowling encouraged me to do as she did. 

Why her? I don't know. In truth, I had no intention of ever reading any of those fanciful stories. What? A story about an orphaned kid who suddenly learns he is a wizard and gets immersed in a whole new world of bizarre happenings? Didn't much appeal to me--rather a lot like those morons idiots imbeciles publishing geniuses folks who are still kicking themselves for turning down Joanne Rowling's first manuscript, I imagine.  
Brandon, Anthony, Jeremiah and Tyler

But then I was told by my son Brandon's best friend, Anthony, that I had to read them and he was adamant. He said even his voracious reader of a grandmother loved those stories and she only ever read best selling mysteries and thrillers, never kids' stories.

"You'll love them. I know you will! I have the whole set at home, so you can read them for free," Anthony said. The next day that he came over to our house--the kid practically lived there--he brought with him the first five books--up to that time there were only five books out.

Inspiration for romance
Well, I did read them and sure enough I did love them. I never laughed so much reading a book. They were that funny, even with all that scary and heart-breaking stuff tossed in. So, I was inspired. I just said, "Well, gosh-darn-it! I wish I could do that! Wait...I can do that...I think...if I tried, but first I gotta try!" 

No, I didn't mean I could write stories for the whole world to admire, to get famous and to get paid loads of money doing it. No! I meant, I wanted to write a funny, charming, heart and emotion tugging story mostly for my own amusement. That I could do and have done since.The super odd thing was, others liked my stories too...Anthony's Grandmother**, was my first fan. Go figure!

Stories, ideas for them, popped into my head almost as soon as I set down the fifth Harry Potter book, and they still pop into my head on a routine basis. There is no stopping it! And it was all due to children's stories...well, Harry Potter's stories, at any rate.
Don't bother me now! I'm writing!

Oh, I read other things strictly for adults, but I rarely wish to re-read those a second or third or seventeenth time....except for Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters' works. I just don't know what it is about Harry Potter. Perhaps it's all about the magic after all.

* After reading  the fifth in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I had to wait an excruciating year or so until the next book came out. Oy, I was hooked, utterly addicted and detoxing to boot! The only thing to help me not go nuts while I waited was to write some of my own stories.... and a writer was born and so was An Ever Fixed Mark starring Janet the Yenta and my epic Violet's in Bloom and, well, so many others.

**Anthony's Grandmother was the editor of the local Promised Land Village News and she gave me a Garden advice column, just because I made her laugh with my silly stories...that and I had such a nice garden that she assumed I knew something about plants.


  1. Writing nook, writing nook, please start now and write a book... Thinking about JK Rowling who is now a gazillionnaire and used to be a poor working mom, no wonder H Potter & crew is inspirational..haha..

    I don't see a cookie-jar in your nook there, that would even inspire to higher heights...
    pst... beautiful pic, by the way!

  2. That is actually my "office" for doing Tom's paperwork and my writing nook is downstairs, so my lap top has to travel depending what I'm using it for.

  3. Well in that case we are all waiting for a shot of your writing space.


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