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Monday, February 18, 2013

You know it's cold when...

You know it's cold when the rhododendrons shiver and fold into themselves.

Look at those poor little leaves! All folded and closed off, hiding from the bitter winter winds, they are, the poor dears!

I'd grab them a blanket to warm them up a bit, but I don't suppose even Hagid* has one big enough for my Rhodo hedge.

This is how the normal leaf looks like on a warm, sunny day--the flowers don't look too shabby either. Oh, so much happier...just like me when I'm in the sun!

Makes me wish guessed it...


*Hagrid, as any Harry Potter enthusiast could tell you, is Harry's half-giant pal. I imagine one of his sweaters could cover half my rhodos...on the north side of the house, which does nothing for all the others!

** Sorry for yelling.


  1. Wait around a bit, spring is coming even if the rhododendrons have a bad cold at this time..nice pics!


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