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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I've been busy crocheting

I've been busy. No, unfortunately not with garden stuff, with crocheting. Want to see what I've been doing anyway? Of course you do!

I've been putting together squares which some of my crocheting buddies have donated to give away for those suffering a tragic event. This was the third comfort afghan I put together.

This first one I made, went to Rochester, I believe to the family of a firefighter who was killed by a sniper. Can you imagine that? Why anyone would do that to people tryng  to save lives and property.

Oh, yeah, goofy stuff too!

I also made a goofy hat. I didn't know it would turn out this goofy looking, but you never know until the project is done. I have since unraveled this monstrosity and used the yarn more productively.

This is the second one I did. I know it looks almost identical to the first, but I have enough granny squares to make two, which is really nifty. I suppose I could have used a different color for the border, but they are surely going to two separate families so, no worries.

I put this one together for a little 2 year old girl in Colorado who just barely survived a horrific tragedy. Her mother shot her, her brother, sister and then herself. Thankfully little Isabel will make it. We hope this little blanket will bring her some comfort. At least she'll know someone out there cares.

I made this nifty purse great for a little girl.

 It's nice to carry around your own little fox...if you have one.  Soon I won't have time for my crochet hook, but I am so looking forward to grabbing that trowel and digging in the soil, I may not miss it so much... until next winter.


  1. How lovely!
    When my teenaged daughter was dx with cancer a wonderful group of women who made quilts for children with cancer made one for her. It's a beautiful quilt with angel squares made by ladies from all over the word. She keeps it on her bed :)

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  4. You sure have been busy! Looks really cool too!


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