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Friday, March 1, 2013

Refusing to let go

You know how there are some people who refuse to let things go? I speak of things like Christmas. That would be me.

There are those that refuse to take the Christmas lights down until....well, until they feel like it. That wouldn't be me. No, not talking about that. My Christmas stuff came down soon enough, a week or so after New Years. I suppose that could be laziness and/or procrastination for some people, not taking the outside lights down until June or something.

For me it's Poinsettias, I refuse to let go of. I refuse to do as everyone else does and just toss them out with the dried up, needle-shedding Douglas Fir.

No, I re-potted mine and here they are looking almost as Christmasy as they did the day we bought them.

Am I nuts? Possibly. Am I crazy? What do I care. I have a few more house plants. A Christmas gift to last all through the year.... I like that just fine. I may even possibly get these plants to re-flower next winter. We'll see.

Yep, I just refuse to let go of some things and good for me.


  1. I have kept mine too, but it is looking pretty sad.

  2. If they get too ugly, just snip them down to nothing and it should start afresh. It likes indirect light, so don't put it on a sunny window sill.


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