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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another mystery plant---several of them!

By gosh, by golly, I have another mystery plant to tell you about and here t'is.

What's that you say? Will I ever learn? Oh, I profoundly doubt it!

Look! True leaves...still have no idea though
So, this is the thing... I found odd-ball seeds and I planted them in this here tiny clay pot, and this is what I got. A handful of plants ever so eager to grow.They were so eager in fact, that after only a few days the roots were actually poking out of the bottom! So I knew I have to transplant them out of the crowded pot--I did mention it was tiny one to begin with-- and into individual ones.
 Only thing is, I didn't have as many pots available as I needed for all these plants. Now that they sprouted--wait right here while I go count them--twelve! I have twelve in one pot. Yikes!

 Some of them have true leaves now and I have no better idea of what they are than I did when I planted the unfamiliar seeds. Of course, it could be I just forgot what I planted. Never can tell with me.
Take a guess

Because I had no idea what they were I should not have planted them in one pot which is slated to hang on the porch, but there is an ever-so-slight chance that these plants can be vines...very slight, but what the hay!
 They seemed a bit weepy after the transplanting, but I think most shall live and grow to be lovely plants....but hopefully not before I figure out what they are!


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  2. Glory, we collectively don't know what it is, but the boys in the box say "It's not carrots, for sure!". That ought to help, identify by elimination. ....haha! Good luck with finding out what it is. ":)

    1. It's a true mystery plant because I don't even recall from where I got it! I will have a follow up though on the mystery seeds!

  3. It's not a Sycamore, in my view...

  4. Good guess. I think I know now. Maybe!


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