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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hoya a-blooming

My hoya is a-blooming. Wanna see? Well, of course you do.

What's that you say? You don't know what a hoya is? Not surprising if you don't live in the tropics. Here, I'll show you.

Now, this lovely plant is a Hoya and is just one of thousands of cultivars in existence . This one in particular was given to me by my Aunt Marisol. She works as a florist and has many different varieties in her Southern Florida home. Actually, she only gave me a tiny little sprig from one of her plants and in two years it's grown like gangbusters--most of it last summer while it spent the summer hanging out on the porch.

Pretty waxy flower on the tropical Hoya plant
My aunt  gave me another Hoya sprig from a different variety, but that one has not yet bloomed, but maybe one day it may. I'm quite surprised they are doing as well as it this, but it could just be the sunny-ish window sill it's sitting on.

Some Hoyas have a chocolate scent--yes, chocolate!-- to the flowers and others somewhat like orchids. Thankfully, this one is nearly scent-free. The last time I had a houseplant unexpectedly blooming Tommy sneezed for a week! Don't want to do that again!

For now, I'm enjoying my blooming Hoya and I plan on setting it outside for the summer months again. We'll see how long this vining plants grows!


  1. Wow, I've never seen one of these, thanks for sharing, Glory! Beautiful!

  2. It's tropical so, not likely you'll see it anywhere but indoors in Northern climes.


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