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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hyacinths...not everywhere

Did I mention I have hyacinths? Well, I do...only not everywhere.

Sure are pretty, don't you think?

Oh, I do have some hyacinths, but not nearly as many as I have daffodils. Hyacinths are not nearly as cheap as Daffodils nor as prolific a spreader, but they do have a fragrance that will knock you out.

Unless you're Justin, that is.

And they come in lovely colors.

But I do lack one hard to get color...yellow. Must look for one.

This true blue might make up for it. My mom's favorite flower color is blue.

I had to bring these inside. Tom loves the smell of hyacinths. At least they don't make him sneeze like daffodils.

©2013 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved

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  1. Thanks for sharing this bit of spring, Glory...We have hyacinths. Well, not yet, but they'll be here sooner or later. Nice flowers! No sneezing required. ":)


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