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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Identifying mystery seeds

This is a lesson in identifying mystery seeds. More accurately, it a lesson in how NOT to have to go through the frustrating process of identifying mystery seeds.
I know these...I think?
How about taking a minute and labeling them, you dummy! Oh, yeah, that would make things easier.

Alas, I am not that bright...or something. Its something. Let me explain.

What the heck is that?

The trouble comes from where and when I collect the seeds. If I am at home, it is easy enough for me to collect the seeds and slip a piece of paper in with said seeds. Easy as pie, right? Only if I actually do it right then and there. I tend to procrastinate which explains this tiny tub full of seeds which looked familiar, but I simply couldn't remember from which plant I took them*. Oh, bother!

 Often I'm away from home when the urge or opportunity to collect seeds shows itself. At those times invariably a readily acquired writing instrument plus something on which to write are nowhere to be found. If I'm lucky or planned ahead of time for some pilfering borrowing stealing taking collecting of plant material for scientific purposes--ooh, yeah, that sounds much better and may not get me in trouble!-- I have a small bag or envelope for gathering.

Not a turtle, but what is it?
The problem  with that is seeds don't stay separated in one envelope, so even if I do manage to write the names of the seeds on the envelop, by the time I get home I very likely will have Magnolia seeds mixed with Marshmallow Rose, Redbud, plumbago and blanket flower. OY! An instant wildflower garden good enough to please even Raymond Alexander Kukkee!

Then there's the seeds collected from my own mother's garden in the Dominican Republic. Oh, I have them nicely wrapped in paper, but more often than not, Mom doesn't even know the names of the plants. So what am I to do then? Make up names? At times I do!

You should see my collection of seeds. I'd show you a picture of the two boxes full to the brim with envelope, containers and bags, but I don't want to embarrass myself. It's a mess! And I don't know what some of them are...many of them actually. Ugh, I'm horrible!

A miracle! I know what these are!

Is there a cure? Sure. Don't go anywhere without pen and paper, plenty of bags, envelops and containers and always label. Good luck with that!

*The name did come to me after a while. They are Daylily seeds which explains why I didn't recognize them at first. I don't usually collect those, but I did this time specifically to give to my friend Alexandra Heep who needs to start a garden in her new place, and what better way to do it then for me to give her free perennial seeds?


  1. Glory, too funny, -and not -at the same time, this is a typical gardener's conundrum, and the only answer is extra care, a smile, self-discipline, small envelopes and pencil.

    How to start over? Mix all of those cool, strange and beautiful little seeds in a nice pail, mix them up, and dedicate them to a nice wild-flower garden or some nice wide 14-20" beds 300 feet long. ":) Start a new collection of seeds from the resulting plants that arise like the Phoenix, ie. the ones you know, promise upon a sunflower that you will do better, and categorize the new offerings instead. Put them in envelopes and label.... ":) hehe...

  2. Hmm, sounds like too much trouble to this supremely lazy gardener. ;)

  3. I'm going to solve your problem for you. You will just have to wait a few daze. However, you will still be short.

  4. Yes, I am resigned to that fact! :)


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