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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Impressed by Geraniums

Impressed by geraniums, I am

Recall if you will, the geramium (a fake one, that is) I pilfered, stole, took, borrowed snipped from an obliging and abandoned planter outside of Justin's day work program in town. Hey, Jack Frost was coming and someone had to save them!

Anyway, I have told you how well it was growing all winter even blooming sparsely but steadily right through the coldest and most un-sunniest days. How it did this is anyone's guess.

Well, as soon as some real sun came through the window in which it still sits, it's now blooming like crazy! I'm telling you, I am so impressed by this plant. I almost...ALMOST... snipped a piece of another geranium I recently saw, but as this one was at a store, I felt it was really stealing so I refrained...just barely, but I did.

I will get an almost full spectrum of colors of these lovely plants to over-winter this, violet, white, peach and a bi-color or two...if it's the last thing I do...even if it means paying for foreign a concept that is for me!

You know me...the challenge of getting a snippet of a plant to root and grow is more than half the fun!


  1. The geranium is one flower that just loves being pruned, too, Glory, you can turn a very large geranium into a pseudo-bonsai--and use every piece you clip off to start new plants! They're amazing and beautiful. Nice one!

  2. Now if I only had friends with various colored geraniums from which to snip.... :D

  3. Fake geranium? What am I missing here?


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