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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jack, don't you come back no mo'

That cad, that scoundrel, that evil menace Jack Frost decided to pay us a visit and all I can say is, Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no mo', no mo', no mo', no mo'
Frost on the Black-eyed Susans? Heck no!

This was two days before our frost free date! Doesn't he know this??? Apparently not.

Or worse... he doesn't care!
Frost on the daylilies? What the hay?
Jack should be running off to the land down under who is now coming into its cooler weather whilst we are coming into our warmer weather....supposedly anyway!

Now do you see why I don't listen to the frost free date of May 15 for around these parts? It's strictly because I know Jack skulks around just waiting for an unsuspecting, naive gardener to put in a few tomatoes, peppers and/or eggplants, Then he comes around and ZAP! they are gone. Happened to me a few years back and it won't ever happen again.

I see you,  you nasty boy.

Hit the road, Jack, and don't ya come back no mo', no mo', no mo', no mo'. Hit the road, Jack and don't ya come back no mo'.


  1. Our 'safe planting gardening date' has been traditionally May 24th here, Glory, but we've planted as late as June 10th successfully-a strategic delay for anything frost-sensitive --since in the last few years we can even get a late frost now at the end of May! You may end up having to move your safe-frost date back a week or so too!

    1. Oh, I have! I try not to plant anything in the ground before June. I just felt too buggy to wait this year.

  2. Our frost free date is May 17, but it has already been 91 degrees too. We had one night a week ago where I was a little worried. It's what I get for being impatient and planting before!

    1. It happens to the best of us, Alex. Cabin fever we blame it on. Eager to get into the garden after so long indoors out of the sun.


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