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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oddity about Maple trees

There I was, waiting for Justin's bus, just looking up into this maple tree all nicely leafed out and bright shiny with new spring growth--the best kind of growth, mind you-- when I noticed an oddity about the maple tree.

 For whatever reason, it didn't have seeds this year....not a one!

You know those whirly-twirly seeds we loved to chase as children and always left a mess on lawns and cars and everything! Well, this tree didn't have any...not this year. How bizarre, huh?

Now I recall quite clearly that this tree had seeds last year as did the others in this parking lot. At least, I think so. I'll have to go back and check the photos I took last year to be quite certain, but I know I would have noticed this oddity then, if that had been the case.

I'm truly baffled, because, the next tree over in the row DID have seeds...tons of them!

We're talking loaded!

The thing is though, not one seed can be seen in any of the other trees in the row. Curiouser and curiouser....

I mean, I know that there are plenty of trees who have distinct male-female roles-- Ginko, Holly, and others I'm sure-- but I never saw this in a maple. Rather astonishing, I'd say.

I really do learn something new everyday in the natural world...which is a great thing indeed!


  1. That is unusual. I wonder if the maples do that to rest with weird seasonal change and weather that is extraordinary? We seem to get maple seeds every year.

  2. So, it's not just me thinking this is indeed odd. Plants do funny things, I guess.

  3. Not really unusual --when a tree is stressed out it produces tons of seed to try to preserve its progeny Maple and oak do that. weather it be from lack of water poor soil or even poor sunlight. enjoy your day


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