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Friday, May 24, 2013

The great discovery!

There I was minding my own business when I made a great discovery! Actually not really. Oh, I did make a great discovery, but I was NOT minding my own business. I was, in fact snooping around this new site on the Algore-net called Listia where you post things you no longer want and auction them off. No, you don't get cash. You get points instead which you can use to bid on stuff you do want.

The great discovery!
What did I want to get with my points? Well, I got a few books and--no surprise here-- seeds! And that's where I found my discovery.

 You see, I was browsing through the free seeds on Listia--by the by, if you wish to join, let me know. If you have an in--that would be me-- they give you a bunch of free points to get you started and they toss me a few too, just cuz I'm cute or something. Yay!-- But anyway, I was looking for the strange, the unusual and the normally too expensive for me to buy, and what should I find but Castor bean seeds!

Oh, I love the caster bean plant! Want to know why? I'll tell ya anyway.

They repel moles and gosh-darn-it they do it while looking might pretty!

So, what was the big discovery, you ask? Whaddaya mean you didn't ask? Aren't you the least bit curious? Blimey, what am I to do with you people?

Well, I'm telling you anyway. My big discovery is that I had caster bean seeds already. How did I know?
Don't tell don't care, do you?'s like talking to a brick wall. I shall proceed anyway!

I saw the seeds on Listia and they reminded me very much of something I stole pilfered took borrowed--yes, let's go with that-- from...gosh I don't really know from where. Must have been a botanical garden somewhere between home and one of our vacation destinations, is my guess, but who knows where that is? My guess... North Carolina.

But anyway this is what I have...
From whence it came
Yes, I know it's just a nutty, prickly kind of thing, but look inside!

Ah, the mystery plant has a seed
That has to be a caster bean! It looks just like the bunch I saw on Listia and you know what else I discovered? Oy...please don't say you don't wanna know. You're breaking my heart!

Recall if you will my new mystery plants. Well, I, not positive yet...but I do believe these plants came from those seeds. Pretty wild, huh? Well, I think so!

So, I have a dilemma. You recall my transplanting the mystery plants into a hanging basket, perhaps?
Well, castor bean plants get to be at least a Glory high and as wide...not quite the plant for a dinky hanging basket, wouldn't you say?

Yes, I'm off to transplant them again into the garden...the veggie patch to be exact where I hope to keep the rodents at bay with my new caster bean plants. Life is a bit twisted, don't you think? In a good way I hope.


  1. Nice discovery, and Glory, you'll remember that castor beans are also poison, that may be why the rodents don't like'em! ";) Regardless, it's always lovely to find out what you have in the seed collection. ":)


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