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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Great Seed Give-away

Recall if you will when I complained about having too many seeds. Well, as it turns out, I was right! No, not about having too many. There is no such things as too many seeds...which explains the great seed give-away.

What is the Great Seed Give-Away? Glad you asked!

I will be giving away a bunch of my seeds to not one, not two, but three--count 'em-- three lucky winners, free of charge and clear of any strings. I like to keep my string for when I have a stubborn vine which may refuse to climb as I want it to. I don't suppose you needed to know that, but there ya go!

This is the official open call for entries into this silly ambitious ridiculous woe-be-gone Great Seed Give-Away!

What will I be giving away? Let us count the perennial flowers:

 Trumpet vine--aka Hummingbird vine, both yellow and orange. 

Japanese Iris

Sweet Williams

Daylily- hybridized



Pincushion flower

and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I can toss in there.

How this works:
1. You get one entry by leaving a comment right here on this post. "Hey, Girly, I wanna get those seeds!" will be quite acceptable.
2. You get a second entry by posting this contest on Twitter. "This nut is giving away free flower seeds! Come look!" is also acceptable.
3. You get a third entry by posting this on your Facebook page. "Come one, come all to the Great Seed Give-Away." or something like that. Use your imagination.
4. You get a forth entry by pinning this on Pinterest. "Do this or else!" You may be able to do better, so do try.
5. You get another entry if you invite a friend to enter. "Hey, bud, you wanna garden full of free flowers?" That'll get them coming!
6. I'll even give you another entry if you...oh, let's say, flatter, praise and/or adore me from afar.*

I will then toss all names and entries into a flower pot--only seems fitting for this type of contest-- and the first one out gets the grand prize of all the seeds or the ones he/she wants. The second name out, gets to choose four seeds. The third name out gets his/her choice of two seeds. How's that?

This contest is open to all, but sadly I can only promise to ship to the US and Canada without getting into trouble. Sorry about that, but such is life in a little town.

So, what do you say? I hope it's, "Hey I want some seeds, so gimme some!" Cuz I just have too many seeds! I really ought to stop saying that.

* Okay, so I'm kidding. You may still get an edge! ~wink-wink~


  1. Hey Girly! I wanna get those seeds! I'm trying to teach the kiddo sequencing!

    1. Let him/her have their own garden, too! Thanks for entering.

  2. I feel the need for seeds! :)

  3. OK, Glory girl! I've run the gauntlet and all that is left is the flattery and adoration from afar... so here goes.

    Should my garden ever grow as lovely as that of thee... the reason will surely be your seeds that were free! :)

  4. I could use some new seeds!

  5. One can always use more seeds, fair gardener, and as you know, I
    we ALL adore you from afar...":) If we had more flower seeds, we would have far fewer weeds. ":)

  6. Oh My Girlfriend what a lovely give away. Would love to win some seeds for our new home. :)

  7. How extraordinarily seedy you are!


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