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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Too many seeds

Hundreds and hundreds of potential plants

Don't suppose you ever thought you'd hear me say that I have too many seeds, but ho-and-behold I do indeed have way too many seeds. Don't believe me? Come, let me show you.

16 oz container--heck of a lot of seeds
See this tiny 16 oz container? It hold a heck of a lot of seeds...enough for acres and acres of plants.

Seed pods full of more seeds. YIKES!

Now you see this container? There used to be ice cream in this one gallon bucket. Yes, it was yummy, but that is hardly the point. This container was only half full with seed pods...seed pods which I collected for the express purpose of preventing them to all drop where they stood. Why? Oh, well, because in my ever-fertile garden, a dropped seed today is a vibrant, fast growing plant tomorrow-- or at least by the following growing season.

At the beginning of my gardening endevours, plants which propagated on their own were a wonderful thing. I even encouraged it! But now, with garden space being at a premium and weeding time growing less and less, the constant over-germination of seeds has to be curtailed. Thus, I collect seeds... hopefully to give away.

So, anybody want some seeds? Oh, what's that you say? That ain't so much seeds? You jest, surely!

Well, did I tell you I had to use a slightly bigger container when I finished un-shelling all the seeds out of the seed pods? Then take a look and then tell me I don't have too many seeds.

One half gallon container of seeds. OY!
So, I put all the seeds I un-shelled into this half gallon Blue Bunny ice cream container--yes, it was yummy too, or so Tommy says. It was double chocolate something or other and I don't eat chocolate ice cream. I'm just funny that way. It is full to the top with seeds and is awaiting gardening takers.

Oh, yes, and that's just one type of seed... Japanese Irises to be exact. I'll have to show you the rest some time.

So, enough seeds for you yet?  I thought so.


  1. Nice collection, Glory! hm..sure, I'll bite, what colours are they? Do these develop the surface-type bulb-rhizomes like our bearded Iris? What kind of soil do they need?
    Place an ad in a gardening magazine and sell them $2.98 for ten seeds. Glory's Seed House (GSH). You'll be a gazillionaire before you know it! ":) You may be able to sell them in bulk to a seed house?

  2. I actually knew that these were Japanese Iris! Because you sent some, of course. Before that I would not have known. I showed them to Tom because they were so cool. The tiny black ones from lots of other plants are hard to sow because I can't see them.

    I like Raymond's idea, you should sell some.

  3. I posted them at a trading site. We'll see if anyone wants them. Other than that, I may resort to sneak-planting, so if you magically see Japanese Iris in purple and blue, you'll know what happened.


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