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Sunday, May 26, 2013

We have a winner for the Great Seed Giveaway Contest!

I never did one of these Great seed give-aways before so you'll have to forgive me for not setting up a set length of time before picking a winner. Let's just say, we've reached that time. We have a winner...actually several of them.
Who won the seeds?
Remember when I said we'd have a Grand prize winner--one who picks all the seeds he/she wants-- a first prize winner--who get to pick four seeds-- and a second prize winner--who get any two seeds of their choosing. Well, I've decided on a third too. What the hay! But there is one thing....

I know this is yellow because it's still on the vine!
Oh, I also found a bit of a stickler which changes things just a bit. I posted Trumpet vine seeds, both yellow and orange flowers, but here's the thing. I can't tell which is which. Now, don't get me wrong. I know which of my plants is yellow--the one in the front yard, by the veggie garden, and the orange one is in the back yard just under the apple tree. It's the seeds themselves which I have confused. They look alike you know so... I'm just not sure which is which. I kinda-sorta know, but I can't be absolutely certain, so I can't call them one or the other. That being the case, let's just call it Trumpet vine, mixed colors and that will be one choice.

~Sigh~ Sorry if this causes grumblings out there!

To kinda sorta make up for my blunder I've added a few more seeds to the prizes. Some are not flowers but veggies. They are good, too! Some people---Uncle Mac comes to mind-- thinks they are the only things worth growing cuz they fill your belly.

So, let's add to the seed picks:

 I've got Spaghetti Squash and baby pumpkin...

 I've got zinnias...

 There's butternut squash...

 We have Love-in-a-puff vine...

I also added French Marigold  and Scarlet Runner beans. I don't have a photo of the scarlet runners. Sorry about that, but it is a vine and the bean pods are edible if picked young, so they are both ornamental and food. That must please even Uncle Mac!

Of course, that means the Grand prize is even bigger--six extra seeds!-- plus all subsequent winners get to pick a few more. That can't be bad, huh?

So, let's start with the third prize which goes to Carolina! YAY! This lucky lady gets to pick...oh, lets say any four seeds.

Second prize goes to NC Bronte Woo-hoo! I hope you will be happy to know you get to pick any six seeds.

First prize goes to Laurie Beall. Yippy! Laurie gets to grab eight seeds.

And the Grand prize goes to....tada~ CNBN3. Holy-moly! This really lucky ducky gets any or all these seeds . Wowee! Hope your garden is big enough for all that!

Congratulations to all our lucky winners. All I need from each winner is which seeds you want and  your mailing address which you can email to me ( and these seeds will be shipped out to you straight away.

Thank you to all who participated and if anyone is grumpy about not winning anything, well, just tell me so and I'll send you a conciliation prize.

Of course, I must state this caveat, this addendum, this proviso:  If any winner simply cannot pick just the allotted number of seeds, say the word and I'll let you have more. What the hay!


  1. Applause for the happy winners!

  2. Congratulations to all winners and Oh, I'm not grumpy about not winning, I have a whole pailful of seeds, so I'll settle for a cookie! ":))


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