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Friday, May 17, 2013

Whispering Beech Tree

Ordinarily, my beech tree does not go around whispering.
Whispering beech tree? Surely, you jest!

 Normally, it just stands somewhat still in the middle of the side yard where Tom has continued his arboretum, and refuses to loosen hold of its leaves.

Stubborn tree, clinging to spent leaves

Here it is mid May and still it has virtually all the leaves it started with last autumn.
I hear nothing!

Nuts, right?
There are subtle signs that buds are about to grow into the new leaves of the season--at long last-- to displace and replace the old ones.

Nest up yonder! Empty but perhaps not for long

Oh, did I tell you I found a nest in the tree? Well, I did! It was empty as of the last I looked, but who knows? There could be someone scoping it out for raising a future brood. I did see Mr. Robin hanging around as I was taking photos, never knows! That would be rather nice.

But until new growth unfurls, I'm stuck with the old, dried up foliage, which incidentally, I recently caught whispering--or perhaps I should call it wuthering such as they do in Yorkshire, GB? Well, it could go either way. Being we live on top of a ridge--a rather windy one-- we often can hear the wind blowing through foliage of all sorts, young and old, new and dried up, through tall grass clumps,  hedges of shrubs or stands of trees.


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  1. My She oaks whisper in the wind, love the sound. Conjures up thoughts of what are they discussing with each other. Don't keep it secret, I would love to know


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