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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Never enough Hosta

Have I told you I have a lot of Hosta in my gardens? All sorts too, but you know, you can never have enough Hosta. It's one thing to have loads of one single cultivar, but I have at least ten or so varieties, most, if not all, unnamed. Not that it's important, but some people are real sticklers for cultivar names. I am not one of those people.

My first hosta was from my mother's house back on Long Island just before she sold her house and moved her living to the Dominican with my father. It was my job to salvage as many of her plants as I could, and her bright green Hosta with the white stripes was the best of the bunch, with the Peony Karl Marx being the second. Still have both and both are thriving wonderfully.

I bought my other Hostas on a super sale from Gilbert and Sons many years back when I needed to fill in my four acres with something other than rye grass. It had been a horse pasture/hay field up until we bought the land, so what was there to be expected?

But back to the Hostas... So, I have many Hosta plants--which were cheap simply because they were unnamed-- and they keep growing bigger and I keep dividing and I get more plants doing so, and I barely have any more room for all of these, but I still don't feel my collection is complete.

Well, duh! There are only a zillion cultivars of Hosta....okay, maybe not that much, just several hundred thousands. Can't exactly get them all, although I wouldn't mind. No, all I want is this one...

...and the one directly behind it. These are named varieties. Liberty is the chartreuse and dull green bi-color, and the one toward the back is none other than Sum and Substance. Not certain I've spoken of Sum and Substance here before, but I have been wanting this beauty forever! Why? You can't tell from this photo, but both of these are just about the most huge Hostas you can get. They are about the size of a small shrub--3-4 feet across and as tall--almost Glory size!

Boy, do I want those babies! So, if any of you have one or both of these hanging around your garden or neighborhood, or know someone who does have them, be a dear and pilfer steal snatch borrow a piece of root for me. I'll pay shipping... Heck, I'll even trade you something for it!

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  1. Love hostas! Have some free ones and some I bought. My Liberty died. Sigh. And the deer chewed off all the tall ones to stumps this year. Even my beautiful Northern Exposure.

  2. My neighbors have them. However, I don't think it would bode well for me to borrow one as they are right under the window.


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