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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Big Gardening Mistake

My pal Alexandra Heep, who I started on her way to gardening success just by sending her a dozen or so packs of seeds, was just recently lamenting her big gardening mistakes. To that I say, "BAH! you don't know big until you see my gardening mistakes!"

Case in point: My French Pussy willow. Talk about big mistakes!

If you've been here a while you'll know all about the menace which is the French Pussy willow, which was not suppose to grow nearly as  tall as it is. How tall is it, you ask? So big that I now have to go up to the attic and look out the window if I wish to see the catkins and to see it when it's in flower in early spring. Yes, it's not too nice being just one Glory high sometimes.
Only birds get to see them

But that is not the worst of it. Oh, no, I didn't learn from my first mistake, so I had to make a bigger blunder. Recall if you will my successful attempt to propagate the French pussy willow-- child's play to do that.

Don't believe me? Well look what my cuttings from last year looked like after just a few months' growth. It was a little less than a Glory tall and I was determined to keep it that size and no bigger.

Uh-huh, very successful propagation, thank you very much. Wish it hadn't been so successful, though. Why? Well, here's a picture of it now.

Well on its way to being another monster Willow

Perhaps you can't tell from the photo but it has a way too much! How much is too much? Well, as I couldn't find the picture, I'll have to tell you. Let's just say on tiptoe and stretching my arm as far up as I can I still can't reach the top of the tallest branch. So much for my keeping it under control, huh?

Dream on, baby! But I am not letting it ruin my day or my garden. This thing is coming out as soon as I have the chance. I think I'll dig it up and bring it over to my friend Sandy's barren property and plant it where it'll do no harm.

So, you think you got big mistakes in the garden? They ain't nothing compared to mine...and that's just one of them. I'll get to the others in due time.

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  1. Oops. That's what happens. Nice growth sometimes turns into uncontrollable. "Oh well"...on to the next project! ":)

  2. no thanks Glor idont want a runaway plant where evr its going to be invasive lol

    1. No, it's not invasive. It just grows much taller than it's supposed to. It keeps to itself nicely, but is simply too big where I put it all those years ago.

  3. That reminds me of the Morning Glories I grew! Who knew they'd grow along a patch of concrete, but that is exactly what they did.

  4. Mistakes are the best way to learn about gardening (you usually don't forget them).


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