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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Travelog: Go west ye wee gardener

Travelog star date: 6.28.2013...okay, so, I've been watching too much Star Trek... but anyway, this travel update is about Utah where we--Tommy and I-- are right this minute.

Go west ye wee gardener! Someone said and so we did...must have been Uncle Mac...sounds like him anyway.

Love the big sky out west, but according to Uncle Mac, bless his smart little brain, only Montana is technically big sky country. Who knew, right? Well, you know, besides Mac, I mean!

We're in the south-western part of Utah known as St. George and boy, is it HOT-Hot-Hot here.

108℉ so far and they're calling for hotter later this week. Yowsa!
Stay tuned and I'll show you more of Utah. We're planning on going to Brice National Park, so I'll have tons of nifty photos of that wonderful place!


  1. Tom is in Arizona now and we passed through a tiny snip of it on the way to Las Vegas yesterday. Amazing how different the scenery is from place to place...changing constantly!


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