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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wet tour of the garden

It seemed to rain for an entire two weeks, so this is to be a wet tour of the garden.

The rain was so bad it knocked own my Karl Marx Peonies, the ones I got so many years back from my mother's garden. What possessed me to remove and not replace the support I usually have around this plant is beyond me. have to remember to put it back.

Late blooming alliums Moly...uh... something. Can't recall the name at the moment. Still...they're cute as can be.

Hostas are going gangbusters. They look like they are ready to bust out of the planter. It could happen, so I better watch them.

Sedum starting to bloom. Love those tiny yellow star flowers.

Cranberry viburnum looking especially nice this year.

Sweet Williams starting to bloom here and there. Love that spicy clove scent.

 That should be enough for now. Another garden tour...soon-ish.

©2013 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved    


  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics, Glory, your flowers are a couple weeks ahead of ours. With the late spring, our peonies are just forming buds now! ":)

  2. Does not look wet to me. At least you have color. I won't have anything blooming for a while yet.

  3. That is why perennials are so great. They come up all on their own each year and you just sit back and enjoy them as they pop up and smile at you. :)


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