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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Botanical water garden trick

Water gardens in Botanical gardens are a treat to behold, but did you ever wonder why they always look so nice? I found out the trick they use at Longwood Botanical the last time I was there.

Notice anything odd about the water?

I always wondered how they got the water gardens to be so clean know, no algae growing in them.

And the flowers are set off so nicely at Water gardens. Never quite knew why. Now I know. The trick is they dye the water black. Yes they do! They dye the water mostly to retard the growth of algae, but it has the added benefit of making photos taken there really pop! You can't take a bad picture of a water lily at a botanical garden...unless you really try!

My over-crowded pink water lily
Oddly enough, I don't add anything to my pond and yet after years of leaving it to do its own thing, it looks almost as good as the well-cared for water gardens at Longwood or other botanical gardens. Know why that is? I used black plastic to line the pond when I first put it in. Must help, because I never have trouble with algae.
 Duckweed, on the other hand, at times can be troublesome--albeit fast growing-- but even that is manageable. I just use a rake to pluck it out of the water before there is too much of it, and it comes out in obliging clumps perfect for the compost pile. I never get rid of all of it, but most.

 Besides, Mr. Froggie likes it for hiding.


  1. Well, if I ever turn the hole I dug into a pond, it will have black plastic. That is a good omen.

  2. It also helps keep plants warmer during the winter months. I can't keep tropical lilies but in a slightly marginal clime I'll bet the black plastic could keep them from dying completely.


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